Dacun Foodie Tour with BikexFun

Hello there ~~
Are you in Dacun area but you don’t know what to eat? What is the specialty of Dacun? Bikeplus is here to guide you 🤩🤩
For all Bikers out there, let me introduce you to some food you will like, especially if you come to Taiwan traveling to Dacun you must try this food before you go 🤫🤫


Are you looking for something to eat? Feel bored with something usual? Try out this wheat vermicelli noodle. This noodle is combined with special soup made of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Although some might not be familiar with the smell, this delicacy actually have a rich taste that will refresh your body! Not only you will get to taste their noodle, but also duck meat, even lots.
Located not far from Dacun Station, even take a bit of walk also not a problem! Come and try out and you will know why ~~

Location : 515彰化縣大村鄉中山路二段260號


We have recommend you a noodle to eat, now we want to recommend you snack-to-go. This store sold all kind of bun, from sweet to salty. It is hand-made fresh from the oven.

Our recommendation is “拔絲奶黃小餅”. It’s a bun soft on the outside with egg yolk that melts on the inside. It is recommended to try and this is one of their best-seller, you might even have to queue for a while but it is totally worth the wait!
One of our co-worker likes to come here to buy “奶酥炒麵包“. With vanilla taste on the inside and crispy on the outside makes it fitting as a snack to go.
Located on the main road, so when you are on the way to Changhua you will pass-by 😉😉

Location: 彰化縣大村鄉中山路三段152號


Some people might called this as an appetizer, but some might said this is their main course. Believe it or not, this is something that might makes your mouth water!
This is one of Taiwan’s specialty called “肉圓“ or what we call as Taiwan meatball. Made with tapioca flour and meat on the inside. Served with scoops of sauce salty while chewy and tasty. This is one of our well-known small meatball shop with people queueing for take-out. So impressive!

Location: 515彰化縣大村鄉中正西路91號

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