Attraction to Visit

Photo Credit : https://fullfenblog.tw/yong-lin-ranch/

Yong-Lin Ranch

Opening hours: 7:00~19:00
Yonglin Ranch is located in Xiushui Township, Changhua County. It is a free tourist and leisure attraction that combines the elements of ranch and sightseeing. At Yonglin Ranch, you can experience the interactive feeding area for dairy cows and interact with cows at close range. It is very interesting! In addition, Yonglin Ranch also has parent-child facilities. After interacting with animals, you can buy fresh dairy products in the sales area to replenish your energy. The dairy products at Yonglin Ranch are affordable, so you must try it!

Little Squad Leader's Home

Opening hours: 09:00-18:00
In Puyan Township, Changhua County, there is a “Little Squad Leader’s Home”. There is a lively three-dimensional painting at the door. I didn’t expect there to be a welfare agency inside, selling snacks full of childhood memories, such as jelly, dried meat, shredded squid, wheat-flavored chicken nuggets, and malt cakes.

Mizu World

Opening hours:
weekdays 10:00~17:00 (Closed on Wednesday and Thursday)
holidays 9:00~17:30
Mizu World is super fun and hilarious. There is a free sandpit to play at the entrance, and the corridor also briefly introduces the content of the sightseeing factory, allowing you to explore the story of Taiwan’s sanitary ware and faucets! Children can also play in the water here and experience faucets from the country of giants. It is most suitable for cooling off in the hot summer! In addition, there are a variety of interesting audio-visual interactions and 3D paintings indoors, which is one of the popular attractions that must not be missed.

Puyan Shunze Temple

Opening hours: 06:00-18:00

Changhua Puyan Shunze Palace is dedicated to Xuantian God (commonly known as Lord of God, Emperor Grandpa). Because Norwegian triathlete player Eden accidentally picked up the palace hat of Shunze Palace, he took the hat to participate in the France Nice Triathlon Championship and won the championship. It became popular overnight, making the Shunze Palace hat hidden in the countryside a well-known championship hat! The Changhua County Government also invited Eden to come to Taiwan to fulfill his vows and participate in the Tanaka Marathon. Albert made a pilgrimage to this place when he visited Changhua.

Giraffe Leisure Farm

Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 (Only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even holidays)
Giraffe Leisure Farm provides a variety of activities, including water sports, beach games, hand boat experience and picnic enjoyment. There is a parent-child game room and rest area indoors, where children can play with building blocks, play home wine, read story books, and the most exciting thing is the water playground. Children can enjoy cool water fun in the hot summer, so be sure to bring an extra set of clothes for a change!!
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