Attraction to Visit

Lukang Artist Village

No. 505, Osmanthus Alley, Lukang Town, Changhua County, 505
Opening hours: open all day (subject to the time of each store)
Whether you are interested in art or not, Lukang Artist Village is well worth a visit! Lukang Artist Village has elements such as art, paintings, and old houses during the day. Even randomly taking a picture will still look good! And at night, there is a chance to meet the park lighting. Lukang Artist Village also has Taiwanese traditional craftsmen stationed there. There are calligraphy, traditional lion heads, handmade fans, etc. on site. You can also DIY with your children!

Lukang Old Street & Lukang Mazu Temple

Lukang Old Street
505 near Yaolin Street, Lukang Town, Changhua County
Opening hours: 11:00–18:00 (subject to the time of each store)
Lukang Mazu Temple
No. 430, Zhongshan Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County
Opening hours: 08:30–20:00
The Lukang Old Street with rich history has been evaluated as a two-star scenic spot by the authoritative “Michelin” in the international tourism and food industry. Lukang is one of the official ports designated by the government in the Qing Dynasty. Due to its early construction, it has many rich historical sites, the oldest even has a history of 400 years! When you come to Lukang, you can not only tour the historical sites, stroll around Lukang Old Street, but also taste many traditional ancient delicacies. This is an “old street” with a real history!
There are Mazu Temples all over Taiwan, and Lukang Mazu Temple is a very classic Lukang scenic spot. Lukang Mazu Temple is the center of local beliefs, and it is also the only temple in Taiwan that enshrines the statue of the Virgin Mary of the Meizhou Ancestral Temple. It is ranked third in Lukang. Lukang Mazu Temple, one of the great historical sites, is not only famous for its gods, but also very grand in scale!

J. Wood Garden

Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 (closed on Thursdays)
J. Wood Garden is an interesting and lovely sightseeing factory suitable for bringing children to visit. It is the only wooden veneer sightseeing factory in Taiwan. With the theme of environmental protection and health, J. Wood Garden is based on the theme of global warming and The natural forest is the main axis, helping us to understand green building materials. This will allow us to better understand the importance of rolled wood building materials and supplies in life, and you will be surprised to find that rolled wood has so many uses!

Brand's Health Museum

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Brand’s Health Museum is a museum themed on the Brand’s brand, displaying more than a hundred years of history and the production process and efficacy of products. In addition to brand history and product production, the museum also provides an interactive experience area. Visitors can experience through multimedia interactive display. The effect and knowledge of Brand’s products! You can visit for free, and you can also try chicken essence. Such a great and healthy museum is most suitable for parents and children to visit together!

Ribbon Museum

Opening hours: 9:30-18:00
The Ribbon Museum is also a very suitable attraction for parents and children. The Ribbon Museum is not only about visit and learn about ribbons, but also participate in the ribbon making experience, understand the production process and skills, and let children experience the ribbon culture while having fun and joy. In addition to the ribbons, the various lovely landscaping on the outdoor art plaza are also very attractive to check in! Such a rich and interesting park is free of admission, it would be a pity not to come!

Taiwan Glass Gallery

Opening hours: 06:00 ~21:00
The must-see attraction in Lukang, Changhua, “Taiwan Glass Gallery” was founded by Tai Ming Jiang Company. It is the largest glass sightseeing factory in Taiwan. There is also a golden tunnel very suitable for children to experience in the museum. The total length is 96 meters. Glass and LED are used in the tunnel The lighting and sound effects of the lights present a suspended visual effect, giving guests the illusion of height and direction when walking, and they must be very careful every step they take. There is also DIY on site, so you can bring your children to experience it!
In the evening, you can also take pictures of the glass Mazu Temple outside. The Tiangong scene is super beautiful, and it is the only glass temple in Taiwan. Even the small stones on the ground are made of glass. I recommend everyone to take a look!

Culinary Must Visit

Lukang Sweet Egg Cake

Opening hours:
10:00-17:30 (weekdays)
08:00-18:00 (holidays)
Every time you come to Lukang, the must-buy pocket list is the fluffy, soft and not overly sweet egg cake! Every bite makes people recall the taste of the past, and it does not contain baking powder, which is healthy for children. No need to refrigerate, even if left overnight, just warm up in the oven in the morning and taste like it’s fresh out of the oven!
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