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Fangyuan Lighthouse

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Fangyuan Lighthouse, also known as Wanggong Lighthouse, was established in the 72nd year of the Republic of China. It is one of the most special lighthouses in Taiwan. Although it is relatively young, it has rich historical connotations. The main purpose of Fangyuan Lighthouse is to maintain the coast of Changhua Fishing boats and ships passing through the Taiwan Strait are safe. In the past, this place was one of the eight scenic spots in Changhua-Wang Gong Fishing Fire.

Fangyuan Oyster Art Cultural Association

Opening Hours: 09:00~17:00 (Please make an appointment before visit)
The artist Yu Ji and his wife transformed discarded oyster shells into creative aesthetic works of regenerated oyster art, and founded the Changhua Attraction Oyster Art Cultural Association and Oyster Art Cultural Center. In the Oyster Art Cultural Hall, you can enjoy portraits, The works of migratory birds, poultry, seaside creatures, etc., use a variety of materials, such as clay, paint, driftwood, sea sand, lead wire, etc., and combine a variety of techniques, such as painting, engraving, weaving, etc.

Wanggong Fishing Port has been transformed into one of the important promoters of tourism, sightseeing and leisure in Changhua, as well as the promotion of oyster shell craftsmanship, and the creative aesthetics of recycled oyster art created by artist Yu Ji and his wife has also injected new vitality into this transformation!

Wind Power Fangyuan

Opening hours: 06:00-21:00
Because of the government’s promotion of green energy and offshore wind power policies, Orchid Energy from Denmark invested in offshore wind power in the greater Changhua area with a loan of up to NT$87.1863 billion. It is worth mentioning that Changhua Fangyuan Wang Gong The small windmills in the wind power generation area are very unique in appearance, like a huge eggbeater, which is different from the common large three-leaf windmills. The combination of windmills in this wind power generation area is very spectacular, and it is amazing to shoot from any angle, so it has become one of the popular check-in attractions.

Hainiuyi Station

Opening hours: 9:00-21:00 (reservation required)
In the Fangyuan area, manatee is a unique industrial culture. Early oyster farmers relied on cattle to haul hundreds of oysters to the intertidal zone, but with the rise of diesel three-wheeled oyster harvesters, the number of manatees has gradually decreased, and the industry is facing a crisis of extinction. However, the industry did not give up, but actively carried out transformation. In recent years, taking a manatee cart to take an intertidal ecological tour has become a popular leisure tourism activity, attracting a large number of tourists to participate~

Fangyuan Temple Square

Opening hours: 6:00-21:00
The history of Fangyuan Temple Square can be traced back to 1697 AD, and has a history of more than 300 years. According to legend, in the Qing Dynasty, a white horse once appeared, so it is also called Baimafeng Temple Square. However, due to The old temple was once destroyed by the surge of the tide, so the Temple Square was forced to move to Fangyuan Street, and after several expansions, it has the current scale. The location of the old temple has now become a vast ocean.

*If there is any infringement, please inform us, we will remove and take down the relevant pictures

Fangyuan Wetlands

Opening hours: open all day
Changhua Fangyuan’s new scenic spot “Mangrove Sea-Air Trail” has attracted many tourists. This trail is about 1 kilometer long and is the largest mangrove area in the county. In order to highlight the uniqueness of the mangroves and wetlands, the county government built a number of viewing platforms and ecological ponds on the trails, allowing people to appreciate the unique natural scenery and biodiversity at close range. Especially in the evening, when the sky and the ocean form a beautiful contrast, people can feel the magic and beauty of nature, which is very suitable for relaxing!
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