Numeric License Plate, Go Bikeplus

As of November 1st, 2022, Motor Vehicle Office has officially announced the need to change the electric bike plate to a numeric license plate. Not only that, but they also urge insurance. Although this service has already started, Motor Vehicle also said electric bike users have 2 (two) years if they don’t plan on changing soon. But then, once 2 (two) years have ended and electric bike users still haven’t changed the plate then they will be fined.

To change to the numeric license plate, you have to prepare these documents, such as Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), Insurance Card, Name Stamp, Purchase History, and Vehicle Certificate. Once you have all of this, make sure the electric bike is qualified by MVO standards, and you can go and apply by yourself. Make sure your electric bike model is already registered before by the factory!

NO MORE WORRY, YES TO BIKEPLUS. Bikeplus is open to help electric bike users who need to change their numeric license plate. Our package is already included with 3 year insurance. For our faithful customer, make sure to send pictures of your electric bike. Then, we will inform you what document required and service fee. While your electric bike is on registration process, we will also rent an electric bike for you!

Your electric bike comes from other brand? Sure we can help you! Just contact us for more information!


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