Attractions to Visit

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Tonight the Stars - Leisure Farms

Opening hours:
weekdays 10:00~17:00 (closed on Tuesday)
holidays 09:00~17:00
Because of the pandemic, the farm will closed at 5 pm. On the weekends they have animals show from 10 am to noon 12 pm. There will be three animals shown, kids shouldn’t miss it! There are many beautiful landscaping in the park to take pictures. In addition, there is an animal area where you can feed and interact with small animals, such as guinea pigs, alpacas, rabbits, peacocks, and flocks of sheep. It is definitely a place full of fun and very suit for family recreation.

Water Forest Farm

Opening hours:
weekdays 10:00-18:00 (Monday, Tuesday public holidays)
holidays 10:00-19:00
The Water Forest Farm has a large natural bald cypress forest, which presents different beauty in every season, and is a very worthwhile attraction. Here, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as dining, soaking your feet, barbecue, feeding small animals, and a game area, which is very suitable for family holidays. The entrance fee is only 150 yuan, and it can be offset by 100 yuan of consumption, which is absolutely worth it!
Photo Credit: Changhua Formosa Biomedical healthy Yoho Museum FB

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Changhua Formosa Biomedical healthy Yoho Museum

Opening hours: 8:30-17:00
Changhua Formosa Biomedical healthy Yoho Museum is a sightseeing factory with the theme of health, technology and life. It is also the first tourist factory of Formosa Plastics that is open to the public. In particular, the Changhua Formosa Biomedical healthy Yoho Museum cooperates with Kanahei. There are five major experience areas and a wealth of interactive mini-games in the museum, and the pink and tender Kanahei members can be seen everywhere, which will definitely make you love it!

Changhua Roundhouse

Opening hours:
weekdays 13:00-16:00 (closed on Monday)
holidays 10:00-16:00
Changhua Fan-shaped Roundhouse was built in 1922 (Taisho 11), and it is one of the precious cultural assets left over from the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. The track spreads out from the garage and is shaped like a fan, hence the name “Fan-shaped Roundhouse”. This garage used to be the place where locomotives were repaired and maintained, and it was also known as the “Locomotive Hotel”. If you travel to Changhua, in addition to tasting the local meatballs, don’t forget to visit the only precious fan-shaped roundhouse in Taiwan!

Changhua Great Buddha Statue of Bagua Mountain

Opening hours: open all day
Baguashan is a famous tourist spot in Changhua with Guashan Road as main destination. There are famous scenic spots such as Buddha Mountain, Hongmaojing, Yinqiao Water View Park and Anti-Japanese Martyrs Monument Park along the way. When you come to Baguashan, you must visit the Skywalk which is in the Buddha statue area, has 7 entrances and exits, with a total length of 1005.84 meters. For those of you who get tired easily, after taking pictures it’s enough to take a short walk before returning home.
Photo Credit: 唯愛庭園 Vena Manor FB  

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Vena Manor

Opening hours:
weekdays 10:00-20:00
holidays 10:00-21:30
Vena Manor is located on Dapu Road in Changhua. It is the only fantasy European-style castle wedding venue in Changhua! There are a variety of choices here. In addition to indor or outdoor weddings, private venues, and large and small parties, there is also a unique European court style. Love the coffee shop. Enjoying desserts and coffee here is a romantic and happy taste, and you don’t have to worry about being bored when you bring children, because there are sand playing areas and check-in areas waiting for everyone to play!

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