Attraction to Visit

Clam Barracks Xianxi

Opening hours: open all day
If you want to experience the ruins of the West Industrial Zone on the Zhangbin Line, we recommend that you go to the “Clam Barracks”, a complex of buildings left by the coastal defense forces stationed in the west of the line in the past. It has a strong battlefield color and nostalgic style, and the “window” of the clam barracks is undoubtedly one of the favorite angles for photographers!

Natural Ecology Education Center

Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 (closed on Monday)
The white building looks like a small dolphin floating on the water, hence the name “White Dolphin House”. Tickets are free to enter and visit. Many people visit here to take pictures and take pictures. The pictures are beautiful and full of characteristics. The museum displays the ecology of the ocean and various painted murals, and art exhibitions are held from time to time.

Xianxi Seaside

Opening hours: open all day
The only place with a beach in Changhua County is Xianxi Beach, which is called “Dolosse Beach” by Changhua people. Wind power fans lined up along the shoreline form a unique sight. The scenery of the coastline is very beautiful, and it is known as the paradise of the forgotten cape. And there really is a kind of magical power here, which can make you temporarily forget your troubles. If you have the opportunity to go to the west of Changhua Line, you might as well come here for a walk!

Culinary Must Visit

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Taiwan Ximai Egg Roll Kingdom

Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 18:00
Xingmai Egg Roll Baking Kingdom is a tourist egg roll factory. It looks like a huge cake standing on the coastline of Changhua, very cute. Here you can visit the rainbow spiral egg roll staircase, free guided tours, and free tasting activities. And there are also DIY courses especially suitable for children, let’s enter this castle together to find the king, queen and cute little prince!

Taiwan You Good School of Cookie

Opening hours: 09:00~18:00
The appearance of Taiwan You Good School of Cookie is very similar to Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter movie. It is a sightseeing factory with the theme of biscuit manufacturing. Here you can not only satisfy the fun of taking pictures, but also learn about the biscuit making process. The biscuit DIY activity also attracted many children to participate. Are you ready? Come into this magic castle now and enjoy the fun of the game together!

Penguin's Cafe Manor

Opening hours: 10:00~18:00 (closed on Monday and Tuesday)
A blue-and-white coffee farm appeared in the fields on the west of the Changhua Line. Walking into the coffee farm, you can also see a large picture of cute penguins painted! The business items of this farm include high-quality coffee beans and boutique hanging ear cups. Originally, Coffee Bundle only provided online home delivery services, but later established a physical coffee manor, adding a unique coffee experience to Changhua!
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