Attraction to Visit

Baguo Mountain Explore Paradise

No. 12-36, Chushui Lane, Yuanlin City, Changhua County 510
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Baguo Mountain Explore Paradise is the largest Jurassic dinosaur park in Taiwan. There are lifelike dinosaurs and interactive installations, as well as dinosaur swings and slides. Children can ride dinosaurs, and the super-realistic dinosaurs will make sounds and move! There are also parent-child restaurants and many food vendors planned in the park, so that tourists can enjoy themselves while eating, drinking and having fun.

Police Museum

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00~11:30/14:00~16:30
Yuanlin’s must-see attraction “Police Museum” is located behind the Yuanlin Town Office, and it is a free Japanese-style retro attraction. The museum retains the antique Japanese-style architecture, and also houses a large number of historical relics and police duty desks, police hats, selective transfer telephones, hand-cranked sirens and other ancient police equipment. There are also volunteers on site to provide guides and explanations, so that tourists can better understand the local history and culture.

Yuanlin Hollyhock Flower Garden

Opening hours: 07:00~18:00
The hollyhock flower is known as the “giant of flowers”, and now you can enjoy it in Yuanlin! Strolling in the colorful and delicate sea of hollyhock flowers, admiring the colorful and beautiful flowers, all the flowers are blooming, feeling happy and romantic. When you come to shoot hollyhock flowers, please remember not to trample on flowers and plants or throw away garbage at will, and keep the park environment clean and tidy. Remind everyone that you can enjoy hollyhock flowers throughout April, take advantage of the flowering season of this month, and come to the fantasy journey of hollyhock flowers!
Photo source: 琉璃仙境官方網站

Color Grass Fairyland

Opening hours: 09:30~18:00
Colour Grass Fairyland is a sightseeing and leisure farm with the theme of wedding photography base. Wedding experience and marriage proposal activities are held in the park from time to time, so that everyone can experience the romantic atmosphere in the dreamy scene like a fairy tale. In addition, Colour Grass Fairyland will occasionally hold animal interactive performances, holiday parent-child interactive tours, group social affairs meeting handover activities, and provide catering services. At the same time, various themed activities are often held, so that guests can enjoy different entertainment experiences.

Aurora Forest

Opening hours: 17:00-23:00 on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday holiday)
Aurora Forest is a very romantic dining place, because it is located halfway up the mountain, allowing the viewing platform to have a wide view and overlooking the beautiful scenery of the city. It is very suitable for couples to go on a date. The starlight tent dining area is like enjoying a romantic dinner in a private box .Imagine enjoying delicious food in the tent while admiring the starry sky and night view with your partner. It is absolutely super romantic! The starlight tent dining area here will definitely be the most sought-after seating area for couples. The Aurora Forest is not only suitable for enjoying the night view, It’s also a great place for family outings!

Singsian Tutorial Academy

Opening hours: 08:00~20:00
Singsian Tutorial Academy, also known as Yuanlin Wenchang Temple, is the earliest educational facility in Yuanlin area, and it is also a third-level historic site assessed by the Cultural Council. The rear wing of the main hall of Singsian Tutorial Academy is open to meditation rooms for students to study and read. In addition, many candidates will also choose to come to pray for the blessing of Emperor Wenchang, hoping that the exam will go smoothly. Bring your children to pray for blessings!

Culinary Must Visit

Forest Roasting 有片森林

Opening hours: 10:00~18:00
Forest Roasting 有片森林 is an online beauty cafe located in Yuanlin City. The two-story white glass house looks spacious and bright. Coming here for dinner or afternoon tea will make people feel very relaxed~ It is very suitable for either a couple’s date or a girlfriend’s beauty shoot! It is said that the towel roll is the treasure of the store’s dessert shop, so you must try it!

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KoKoMo Private Cabinet

Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
Changhua Yuanlin’s latest parent-child restaurant opened, and the letter K composed of colorful container houses has become a popular check-in spot! In addition to dining, Kokomo also has a sand pool, a paddling pool, and a parent-child space game room, allowing parents to enjoy food where you can also relax~
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