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Last time BikexFun already talks about food to eat, now let’s talk about places to visit! BikexFun will bring you to explore hidden gems in Dacun! Let’s go ~~


You may not notice the quiet village right beside the Dacun Train Station, but you will surely notice its colorful houses just like the ones in Amsterdam. Because it was designed differently from usual Taiwanese households, you can instantly feel the change of the ambiance. Different plants and trees like Frangipani flowers and palm trees are intentionally chosen to add to the European atmosphere. At the main entrance of the village, you will see an arc that acts as a gate and looks like a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As you walk further will be surprised to move to a different place when you see the bell tower inspired from Italy and the fountain that will remind you of the huge fountains in Rome. The Jinchang Coffee Roastery looks like a romantic outdoor café in Italy complete with carriage, garden pool, and piano. Because of that, visitors feel that they are in a romantic European manor.
Eventually, you will find yourself in Holland as you see the beautiful windmill that will make you take a nice photo with it. You can’t really tell you are just in Taiwan so visit here now and travel in Europe for a cheaper price!

Address: 彰化縣大村鄉櫻花路


This is one of the most iconic places in Dacun because of its 3D art exterior. It is nostalgic to the locals and will surely remind them of their childhood as they show images of the earliest grocery stores, cinema, and marbles. 

The eye-catching retro shop was once an orange store back in the 5.6th year. Although it was a small shop, it had the complete range of necessities like rice, oil, and salt. Taste the authentic Taiwanese grocery experience with this ancient courtyard house. No wonder this retro style grocery attracts a lot of visitors and the local’s hearts. Don’t forget to leave with their special product called soy sauce tied with a rope.

Location: 彰化縣大村鄉中正西路207巷39號


An underrated attraction in Dacun has yet to be shown in the world for its natural beauty as the seasons change. It’s lush green during spring and summer and fiery red during autumn and winter. 

This hidden gem is a perfect photoshoot site for Instagram or just for your personal memories. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the view, fresh air, forest bath, and picture-taking as it will be easy to take good photos. You can also just go here to relax, enjoy the nature, read a book, draw, or eat with a picnic. The best part about this is it’s accessible for free! Just a reminder that these are planted for sale so please pay respect, take care of them, and do not leave your garbage whenever you visit.

Location: 515彰化縣大村鄉中山路三段156巷20號


Depending on the season, the fruits grown are different. Fruit picking by ourselves is fun! Tomatoes can be picked and eaten at the same time! The orchard owner is very enthusiastic! The honeydew melon is very big and sweet! It looks very watery~~~ It’s very big! Tried to pick it up and it feels so heavy~


The appearance is like a thick book~an open book, matching the building curve, a winding path leads like walking into a fairy tale~~~painting forest deciduous animals on the exterior of the building, very pleasing Like ~ IG check-in attractions!

Cun Dong Elementary School just made reading fun and exciting with the design of their community reading center. The design of the reading center is like an open book and the inspiration of the architecture is “Entering the book, then coming out to the real world”. The small windows give it a unique look but are enough to make the room bright enough to read books. The exterior wall painting uses light colors to attract children with a fairytale forest theme. The side with the two arcs represents the open side of the book. Live your fairytale dreams and visit it, also perfect additional to your IG collection. Just turn to your left when entering the school gate and you will find their whimsical reading center.

Location: 彰化縣大村鄉福興村山腳路 102之1號 


Despite being in the business for 40 years, Junmao Grape Sightseeing Orchard still uses organic fertilizers and does not use herbicides to remove weeds. It follows the “Jiuyuan Garden” Label which requires reasonable pest control, recommended chemicals, and practice safe harvesting period. They use By strictly following these requirements, they pass the inspection and have the best quality of round black and purple grapes. They pack and distribute it to customers during summer (June to August) and winter (December to February) seasons. You can also hand-pick them to your liking and be able to choose the best for yourself. Quality is assured to these sweet and slightly sour tasted grapes from farm to your table. You can also immediately consume the grapes right after picking of you want to experience it the freshest way possible.

Grass cultivation, using only weeding machine without herbicides; keep the soil in an active state, maintain its aeration, water content and a variety of microorganisms, so that the roots of fruit trees will be strong and the quality of grapes will be better. Also because the soil is very nutritious, the weeds in the garden grow very well, and often the green leaves on the scaffolding are also green under the scaffolding; earthworms are our good friends, and there are also tree frogs visiting us! Self-produced and sold, experience the joy of picking fruit in the countryside. There are also ducks walking around…. Chickens shuttle…. Good rural flavor~~~

Location: 彰化縣大村鄉南勢村中正西路315-11號

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