What is BikexFun?

BikexFun is a rental platform for you who wants to rent a motorcycle or Gogoro on your preferences daily, monthly, or even yearly. With BikexFun you can rent and go around Changhua without a problem. We will also give you some recommended places to travel around without missing the beauty of Taiwan.
Our service differs with lots of variety. BikexFun offers packages from buying to renting a motorcycle or Gogoro.

Buying with Guarantee and Rental Services

If you plan on buying either motorcycle or Gogoro, we have ready-stock products with a different price range for you to choose from. Not up to your liking? Do not worry! We can help you search by informing us of the brand, type, and price range. BikexFun is ready to help you who already have a motorcycle but need to have a guarantor while you are in Taiwan. BikexFun comes with a guarantee package where we guarantee you and your motorcycle safety. Our guarantee package is in a complete bundle with yearly tax and insurance, all you need to do is sit back and relax, and we’ll do the rest for you!
No plan to buy? Rent is also another option by BikexFun services. We offered a variety of motorcycles from 110 c.c. to 155 c.c. Also, small type to the big size of Gogoro to choose.
Rent from short range as in an hour up to a day even long term up to 2 years rent is acceptable. Contact us for more information. Here’s a glimpse of our newest available motorcycle and Gogoro

Here's a glimpse of our newest available motorcycle and Gogoro

Bikeplus Service

New Motorcycle, Easy Instalment

Where there is old motorcycle, the origin is always from new motorcycle. With only 9000NTD you can bring home!

Motor Wash Service

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Take a Picture!

With photo size according to your requirement, we can guarantee!

Driving License Companion

Problem with Chinese character? Afraid of language problem? No guidance on what to prepare?