Partnership Collaboration with Taiwan Myfone

As electric bikes are expensive to afford, customers have to spend a lot of money. So, Bikeplus cooperate with Taiwan Myfone (OK SIM card) with hopes that the electric bike price becomes more affordable, with a communication package during customers’ stay in Taiwan. Comes with various bundle packages, customers also get the highest discounts.

The monthly internet package includes unlimited internet for the first 7 months, either 4G or 5G, also free unlimited phone calls between OK Sim Card users.

Partnership Collaboration with YHC Electric Bike

Besides our main electric bike product being mainly from YHC, we also collaborate on our newest e-bike accessories called “Rhino Handle Bar.” With the Rhino logo carved on the middle of the handlebar, you can feel the elegance of the color and the fitting to your e-bike without needing to change it when you want to modify another part.